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Don’t Forget The Popcorn! July 31, 2010

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No movie is ever complete without popcorn! This is the perfect cake for a movie buff. The kernels of popped corn are actually made out of sugarpaste.


Vintage Inspired Cameo Cakes July 19, 2010

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Vintage inspired mini cakesVintage inspired mini cakesVintage inspired mini cakes
I was inspired to create these vintage looking mini cakes over the weekend. I used Antique ivory and bakelite cameos as inspiration. I can just imagine them having these for tea during the Victorian era!


Dazza’s Cake July 11, 2010

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This cake was made specially for my kid brother.

He just turned 33, no longer a kid by all accounts but to me he’ll always be my rascally little bro.

Star wars


Star Wars

Darth Maul 33

 Though we are 7 years apart, growing up he was my ally at home, getting up to mischief together when we were supposed to be studying. Catching smelly beetles and irritating our elder sis. He was also my “umbrella life-saver”-I would give him $1 to shelter me to the bus-stop on rainy days because carrying an umbrella to town when you’re on a date would be just too ‘unglam’.

Star Wars

Anakin Skywalker

Through the years, I’ve seen him grow into a wonderful person and I’m really proud of him, of the person he’s become and how he works real hard to achieve his goals.

So for this years cake, I wanted it to not only represent some aspect of him but to bring a big smile to his face.

Star Wars


Star Wars

DarthSidius/Yoda fight

So to a Star Wars fan, an amazing photographer,my umbrella life-saver and most importantly an all time great brother- HAPPY 33RD BIRTHDAY!

The black thing beside Anakin is a camera


Baskets with love July 6, 2010

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Today’s my mum’s birthday.

I think I get my creative streak from my mum. Growing up I remember her attending Copper-tooling and Ikebana classes. Now that we are all grown up and she’s retired, she has more time to pursue her interest. Right now it is floral arrangements and she’s really good at it. So as a tribute to her I wanted to present her with an edible floral arrangement this year. Everything is handmade from edible sugarpaste from the green tissue to the myriad of  pink roses. The cake flavour is sugee.roses

Happy Birthday Mum!


Elwyn and Meng’s Wedding Cake July 2, 2010

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Hurray! This is officially my first wedding cake. My good friend Jo ordered this cake for her brother Elwyn and new sister-in-law, Meng.  Since the groom plays soccer, we originally intended to put the groom in a tux top and football shorts bottom with one foot stepping on a football . However, after making the groom, the figurine did not look too good so it was back to the work table. End product-now the groom looks handsome in his tuxedo with a football at his feet and for an added element of fun, the unofficial symbol of the World Cup in South Africa – the Vuvuzela beside him. As for the bride, she looks like a blushing bride. I painted pink edible luster dust on her cheeks as a finishing touch. (Everything  on the cake is made from edible flowerpaste.)

Congratulations Elwyn and Meng!