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Siann’s Poodle Cake September 29, 2010

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Every poodle needs it's 'bling'!

Made this cake for a delightful little girl who loves dogs. Mummy is an old friend of mine. It was a real pleasure seeing my old friend again and her lovely children.


Thomas the Tank September 26, 2010

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This cake was ordered for 1 year old Ethan.

It was a challenge to make Thomas(the shape and the details on the carriage). Enerything on the cake is made from edible materials except for the candle.  I wanted to include Thomas’s friends as well, Percy and James, both emerging from tunnels.

Blue skies, rolling green fields ,cow,birds ,railroad crossing sign and railway tracks complete the English countryside.


Emma’s Garden Party September 25, 2010

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Coincidentally the birthday girl is also called Emma. Mummy requested for my previous cake, Emma’s Garden but with a few additional details. Added a playful giraffe to keep the birthday girl company, a cupcake candle holder,additional sunflower and birds to complete the look. Mummy Jaime provided me with the Precious Moment figurine and candle. Everything else is handmade fron edible flowerpaste.


Bejewelled Cake September 23, 2010

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Made this cake for my good friend, Gail who is celebrating her birthday tomorrow. She loves butterflies and all things white. So I made her this simple white cake, jazzed up with a teal coloured sugarpaste satin ribbon and a sugarpaste pearl brooch. Happy Birthday Gail!


Xuann’s Carousel Cake September 18, 2010

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“Come ride the carousel with me, enjoy yourself, smile ,giggle with glee. Miniature brass band, music playing, up and down motion gently swaying……..Spinning faster enjoying the ride, let out a laugh with your heart open wide. Around and around, up and down. Everyone smiling , no room for a frown.”~Karen Palumbo

A carousel just conjures up images of childhood and laughter filled carefree days. So what better cake to celebrate a birthday with then with a carousel cake.( Tent top and carousel base are both made out of cake.)

Happy Birthday Xuann!


LeAnne’s Tennis Cake September 9, 2010

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Made this cake for my niece LeAnne who is a keen tennis player. Her favourite players are Zheng Sai Sai and Chantel Skamlova. Here she is on the cake just hanging out with her favourite players.


Dione’s Castle September 6, 2010

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Made this cake for a very nice lady whose daughter was turning one. The cake was to have a Princess theme and she provided me with the figurine.
Castle turrets and horse with long lashes were made a couple of days in advance to allow them to dry. They were then painted with an edible pearl lustre so as to match the figurine better. Castle doors were also given a woodgrain effect .
I now present you with Dione’s Castle .