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Muay Thai Cake October 18, 2010

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To date this is the most fun and unique design request I’ve had. The birthday girl is a “Muay Thai Championship Fighter” who was turning 21. I hear  she’s got abs so if you look closely you might be able to spot it on the figurine. Everything is made from edible flowerpaste except the ring-side ropes which are made from braided string.  Added a flame pattern on the board to tie in more to the Muay Thai look. On the figurines arms are the Muay Thai Prajioud.

Spot her abs?


BBQ Pit Cake October 11, 2010

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My dad just celebrated his 73rd birthday. As I sat and thought about the cake  design I was going to bake for him, all the childhood memories of growing up with my dad came flooding back.

If I could make a trishaw cake I would have but that is beyond me. Back then, dad’s workplace was near my kindergarten and we would catch a ride to school in a trishaw so that dad would not lose his parking space at the pharmacy. Just sitting with my dad , with the wind in my hair going to school in a trishaw. How cool is that!

Dad was also an avid photographer, chronicling everything through photographs. On family trips, he would whip out his camera and snap everything. We could hardly take a few steps away before being called back to pose for more shots. Ironically, my brother is now a professional  photographer.

But what I remember most were the numerous BBQs we used to have in our garden. Mum would season the food and Dad would be trying to get the fire going with charcoal and fire-starters. Later when family and friends came over, it was always a happy ,noisy affair. I guess to me BBQs are such a symbol of family togetherness and friendship. Till this day, I just love BBQs, the smells, the atmosphere….

Dad also loves his weekly dose of international newspapers which he buys without fail and pores over from 1st page to the last. Noting down interesting points and phases.

And so the BBQ pit cake with Newspaper greeting  for my dad’s 73rd birthday came to be…..


Sophia’s French Chic Cake. October 4, 2010

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The baby from my original “baby shower cake” is now turning 1. My girlfriend who happens to make amazing tutus requested for a pink,white black themed cake to match the colours on a tutu she would be making for baby Sophia.

The black bow was added to match the ribbon on the actual tutu. Had a little trouble initially working out a design because I still wanted the cake to retain a child- like quality despite the color theme. But I guess it worked out in the end and I m happy with how it turned out. Classy yet still child-like.