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Big Bird Cake November 15, 2010

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This Big Bird Cake was created for a 42 year old . His friend ordered it as a kind of joke. Story behind it is that as the birthday boy is known to his friends as ‘Condor’, ( which is a really large bird, in fact the largest flying land bird in the western hemisphere) they order a Condor cake for him but the “baker” ,not knowing what a condor is and being told it’s a big bird, actually creates a” Big Bird Cake” for him. Am curious about how the birthday celebration went. With friends like that, it must have been a really fun party!


MRT Celebration Cake

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MRT train passing through a tunnel.

This cake was ordered by a loving daughter for her dad’s 53rd birthday. Dad’s work involves the MRT .He also plays badminton and is a sudoku fan.



That's a real sudoku puzzle!

A cake to celebrate dad's life!


Mosaic Inspired November 8, 2010

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     This is one of my favourite cakes. I’ve always loved mosaic artworks. There is something about the vibrant colours and the rough,cut pieces that  just appeals to me. I knew sooner or later ,I would have to attempt a “mosaic inspired cake”. So here’s my first one, I’m sure there’ll be others ….


Barnyard Cake

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This cake was made for twin boys who love the iphone app “peek-a-boo” barn and were having a barnyard themed party.


Hermes Birkin Cake November 1, 2010

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Took a 2 week break from cake making to help my daughter prepare for the year end exams. Now with exams over and the year end holidays in sight , the rest of the year is looking good.

Made this next cake for my sis who celebrated her birthday recently. Couldn’t afford to get her the real Hermes Birkin so made her a cake version instead.