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Esther’s Piano Concerto No. 9 February 11, 2012

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This weekend’s cake creation was for a young piano virtuoso who was turning 9. It was enjoyable creating all the little decorative elements to be placed on the cake. I made them a week prior so that they could harden and dry. Reminded me of the days when I was a kid, I loved plasticine. I used to make these miniature slices of cake complete with a cherry on top, placed them on mini plasticine plates and serve them to my mum together with miniature teapot and teacups. There were also many mishaps with my plasticine melting on our driveway as I attempted to soften them in the sun and duly forgot about them.

Ok ,back to the cake, created a piano with a metronome for the little pianist.As an added element of fun, I also decided to add a greedy pup taking a bite out of the birthday cake.



Ashleigh’s Barbie Cake

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This is my first attempt at a Barbie doll cake. It’s always exciting to create something I’ve not done before. I started off by styling Barbie’s hair. This Barbie doll came with a pair of sunglasses attached to her head which I couldn’t remove. After a few attempts I managed to give her a hairstyle that not only hid the sunglasses but also looked pretty chic if I might say so myself.To complete the look I gave her a lace inspired ballgown in pink and lilac.


Modern Oriental Cake

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 The look I was trying to create for this year’s Chinese New Year was a modern oriental one. My inspiration was a black cheongsum I had. I made 2 different cakes with a slight variation in colour and design. I love how the colours worked out really well. Here’s to a Happy Year of the Dragon to everyone.