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Por Por’s 90th Birthday (Baroque Cake) March 21, 2012

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ImageWhere do I begin with this cake? Let me begin by saying the whole process was a real adventure. I started planning for this cake immediately after CNY. Sketching and resketching, it had to be classy but not overly fussy. Need I repeat that it was ONLY going to be Por Por’s 90th Birthday. No big deal, just 90, no stress at all. Who was I kidding…… major stress, like humongous stress!!! Stress that deserved 3 exclamation marks! After I worked out the design, I had to decide on the flavour of the cake, definitely sugee somewhere in there because it is Por Por’s favourite. Now here comes the beginning of my adventure, my most favourite brand of butter for sugee was out of stock. Horror of horrors, I called up the shop every few weeks and still no stock!! What’s a baker to do when her fav butter is out of stock…..go on a massive butter taste test ,what else? So there I had all my different brands of butter lined up on my kitchen counter. The other taste tester on my panel, my daughter,Yvette. With glasses of water beside us to cleanse our palates after each sampling(we spread them on tiny pieces of white bread), we set about our task. That’s when I realised that not all butters are created equally, such a huge difference in taste! Ok, so now I got my butter selected.

Fast forward to a week before the birthday. I had to make way in my fridge for all the butters and space for all the cakes and cupcakes I was going to bake. Did I mention cupcakes? Now where did that idea come from… in my airy- fairy, head in the clouds mind, I was thinking wouldn’t it be nice for  everyone to take home a little party favour : )So the next few days saw me zipping about getting my transparent plastic boxes, ribbons and scrap book papers to make labels. I roped my girls in to help me fold the boxes. Did I mention I was making 90 cupcakes. That meant folding 90 boxes, who would have thought that getting 90 boxes, ribbons and labels ready would take that long.(I guess anyone who didn’t have their head in the clouds would have known that!) My poor hubby too had to suffer, he couldn’t buy anything that needed refrigeration. I needed the space for my babies! The next couple of days saw us all eating out, between making labels, baking and making the sugarpaste decorations,I had absolutely no time to cook. My poor family, they suffer for my craft!

Now for my biggest adventure or shall I say misadventure! The day of the birthday started out with nary a sign of the impending dark cloud that was stirring up. Everything went according to clockwork, 3 tiers of cake decorated, 90 cupcakes decorated, boxed and ribboned. All was well .Then diaster struck! There was an air bubble under the fondant on the second tier and it was pushing out the fondant. I quickly punctured it and tried to smoothen out the fondant but it had already cracked some decorations and wrinkled my smooth fondant. I spent the next 20 minutes meticulously examining the entire cake ,making sure no more air bubbles were forming. By now I had 10 min to get ready before I had to leave. My heart was sinking fast, my mind filled with every dark thought, what if I spoiled por por’s birthday celebration by giving her a cake wreck instead! This was just the beginning of my troubles,enroute to the venue, the cake started to slide down the board, I should have known that 10 kg of cake had to be placed on a horizontal surface, not even 1 degree incline allowed! At every traffic light, I tried to salvage the situation but the fondant covered board was totally wrecked. I was almost in tears.In situations like this I am most grateful to my hubby,he was the calm in the eye of the storm. He met us at the hotel carpark after hearing abt the cake emergency from my daughter .Helped me get the 10kg cake to the ballroom and there helped me fix and repair the damage to the board. All was finally saved. What an adventure! From the head in the clouds.. to the category 5 hurricane the rainbow after the storm. I am absolutly weather beaten.