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Lucien’s Disney Cars Cake May 26, 2012

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I’m a fan of everything Disney, so it goes without saying that I was raring to go when I received this request. The Cars figurines proved harder than expected, I just couldn’t get the shape right. After a couple of hours of molding I still wasn’t happy with the end result so I ended up starting all over again. Finally, something clicked and everything started to fall into place, the shape was right, the expressions on their faces looked good, their details looked good….. Ahhh….all was finally right in my world! My fav character of all….. Mater, buck teeth and all.


Gold Gilded Cake

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A simple gold gilded cake for a 7o year old golden girl.


Water Polo Cake

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Did this cake a while back but haven’t had time to upload it. It’s always exciting creating a new cake so I was pretty psyched up about creating this water polo cake. How often do you get such an unusual request. The challenge for me was creating the net , finally decided to make it out of wire. I’ve also included before and after pics of the water polo players before their final touch ups. All in all a fun cake to make. The words “Sport Didn’t Exist Before Water Polo” courtesy of my client.