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Pixie’s Muay Thai Cake May 22, 2013

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This was last week’s cake request- a Muay Thai Cake to be delivered to a gym. In case you’re wondering, the birthday girl has blue hair and her fav colours are purple and green 🙂


M&M Cupcakes May 21, 2013

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My niece celebrated her birthday over the same weekend as Mother’s Day. She’s the youngest person I know who loves coffee so as you can guess these are expresso cupcakes.


Lavender Cupcakes May 20, 2013

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Lavender makes me think of mum. So when we celebrated Mother’s Day a week ago, I made some lavender themed cupcakes specially for her.


Candy Crush Cake May 18, 2013

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Loved creating this cake! By the way ,I’m now a candy crush fanatic as a result of my “research” into this cake. Before embarking on this cake, I had heard it was a really popular game on social media so I had to download it to learn more about it before designing the cake. Well, let’s just say although the cake is done ,I’m not done with my research !!!


Curious George Cake

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Another interesting cake to create. This one from the children’s storybook series,Curious George by Margret and H A Reys. Mummy Su May sent me some pages from Timothy’s favourite book. I decided to create the decorated sofa and of course, a cheeky Curious George for the cake.


Pinwheel Cupcakes

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Made these birthday Pinwheel Cupcakes for a brunch date with a dear friend.


Bumblebee Transformer Cake

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I’ve been getting a lot of interesting request this year and this next one takes the cake….. a Transformer Cake. Although this was one of those cakes that I had hoped somone would ask me to make ,I knew that it would be a challenging one to create. Thankfully, Mummy Haslina gave me ample notice and I had the time to really think of how to make it work. The picture Haslina sent me of the joyful look on the birthday boy’s face made the hardwork worth it. 🙂