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My Little Pony Cake August 6, 2014

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DSC_0055Guess who’s been invited to Olivia’s 10th Birthday Party? It’s Rainbow Dash,, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy,Apple Jack, Rarity and Twilight Sparkle and what a magical pony party it was!


Collage of Cakes and Cupcakes

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20140804-144124-52884145.jpg20140804-144125-52885034.jpg20140804-144121-52881827.jpg20140804-144123-52883312.jpgA couple of cakes I did over the past couple of months.


Elliot’s Nautical Themed Party August 4, 2014

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DSC_0409It was a pleasure to be part of Elliot’s N Nautical Themed Party, everything was so perfectly put together. Mummy Elaine did all the coordinated printables, the location was also beautifully decked out in nautical themed decorations. Come have a look at the delightful photos of the party.


Jake and the Neverland Pirates Cake February 17, 2014

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DSC_0141photo 1 (1)

photo 4

photo 3

photo (2)

photo 5DSC_0131DSC_0125DSC_0119

It’s always exciting to work on something new, something I’ve not done before so I was looking forward to begin work on this cake. With it’s colourful and interesting characters, this Jake and the Neverland Pirates cake was one of those cakes on my “have to do” list. Who can resist trying to create Captain Hook and all the other interesting animations in sugar!
On top of all this, after the pirate themed celebration ended, mummy Jaclyn shared the lovely pictures of the celebration with me. With the venue decorated with pirate ships, hats, anchors and creatures of the sea ,together with kiddies dressed up as pirates ,it was a complete pirate party. Such a lovely family….. a really sweet experience:-)


Ironman N Hulk Cake February 10, 2014

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A Marvel Cake for 4 year old Ethan.


Eshan’s 2D Cars Cake

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It’s always a joy to see the little ones grow each year as you create their birthday cakes. For his 2nd birthday, Eshan, the little boy with the lovely curls had a Thomas the Tank Cake. For his 3rd birthday, it’s a 2D Car cake with Lightning Mcqueen and Mater taking centrestage. I must admit that I always wait excitedly to receive pics of the celebration. Seeing the look of fascination on the birthday child’s face, just adds a whole new dimension to the joy of creating these cakes.


Claire’s Harry Potter Cake July 21, 2013

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My daughter, Claire is a big Harry Potter fan so I created this cake for her 14th birthday.
Had to include all our favourite characters Harry,Dobby, Dumbledor, Hedwig, the Big Book of Monsters, the Sorting Hat and of course ,the Snitch.