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Lizzy’s Poodle Cake March 8, 2011

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    Mummy Agnes requested for a similar Poodle Cake I did earlier. I added an additional little poodle to this cake just to give it something different.


Siann’s Poodle Cake September 29, 2010

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Every poodle needs it's 'bling'!

Made this cake for a delightful little girl who loves dogs. Mummy is an old friend of mine. It was a real pleasure seeing my old friend again and her lovely children.


Claire’s Candylicious Cake June 6, 2010

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Candy, lots of candy for a candy themed party.  That was the only specification . This cake is a first in many ways. My first attempt at making a topsy-turvy cake and my first attempt at making dog figurines. Carving out the shape of the cake was messy and later covering it with sugarpaste was another challenge, due to the uneven proportions of the cake. As for the cute dogs, the Pekinese is called Lu-anne(the birthday girl had the honour of naming the dogs) and the highland terrier is called Lily, each figurine took me 2hrs to make. (all figurines and molded details are made from edible flowerpaste) Lu-anne is licking a lollipop and Lily is eyeing the cupcake greedily. Adorable,greedy dogs ….So heres premiering “Claire’s Candylicious Cake starring Lily and Lu-anne.