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Luxe Cupcakes May 3, 2013

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As I mentioned earlier, every girl loves her sparkles. Here’s the grown up version.


Ombre Chevron Stripes Cake

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Made this for my dad’s birthday. I love the simplicity of the cake, shades of yellow and a dark blue with a capital D in front for DAD.


Ruffle Cakes

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There was a time last year that I entered a “Ruffle” phase. I loved ruffles and so here are a trio of ruffle cakes I did during that time. Btw I still love ruffles.


Chocolate Indulgence

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Made this box of “chocolates” specially for my mum’s Birthday. They are actually mini cakes!


Gold Gilded Cake May 26, 2012

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A simple gold gilded cake for a 7o year old golden girl.


Ruffles and Ribbons April 7, 2012

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I made this next cake for my really good friend, Peng. Peng and I have been friends since we were 13. If I had to describe Peng, I would say she is incredibly smart and I’m not just saying this because I know she’ll be reading this šŸ™‚ but seriously she is really smart, you should see her resume! A marketing genius! Peng is also incredibly brave, life has thrown her so many curve balls that it would make an ordinary person crumble but Peng’s fortitude and courage in the face of it all is so amazing! A daily reminder to me to not sweat the small stuff.


Baskets with love July 6, 2010

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Today’s my mum’s birthday.

I think I get my creative streak from my mum. Growing up I remember her attending Copper-tooling and Ikebana classes. Now that we are all grown up and she’s retired, she has more time to pursue her interest. Right now it is floral arrangements and she’s really good at it. So as a tribute to her I wanted to present her with an edible floral arrangement this year. Everything is handmade from edible sugarpasteĀ from the green tissue to the myriad of Ā pink roses. The cake flavour is sugee.roses

Happy Birthday Mum!