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Pixie’s Muay Thai Cake May 22, 2013

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This was last week’s cake request- a Muay Thai Cake to be delivered to a gym. In case you’re wondering, the birthday girl has blue hair and her fav colours are purple and green 🙂


Water Polo Cake May 26, 2012

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Did this cake a while back but haven’t had time to upload it. It’s always exciting creating a new cake so I was pretty psyched up about creating this water polo cake. How often do you get such an unusual request. The challenge for me was creating the net , finally decided to make it out of wire. I’ve also included before and after pics of the water polo players before their final touch ups. All in all a fun cake to make. The words “Sport Didn’t Exist Before Water Polo” courtesy of my client.


Golf Bag Cake January 8, 2012

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It was a busy 2011 with Claire taking her PSLE,now that it is finally behind me ,I’m uploading the cake pics that I was too busy to upload…starting with this golf cake.


Gym Cake April 25, 2011

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Work those abs!

A day at the gym.

Birthday girl gym instructor.

yums! managed to grab a few mouthfuls.

It’s not often you get really fun and quirky request. This next one was so interesting that I just had to say yes…… then sit and worry about how to get it done. The brief was to make a 21st birthday cake for a Gym Instructor, with perhaps a client flat out after a work out. Considering I am such a procrastinator when it comes to exercise, I had never seen the insides of so many gyms before when doing my research. Decided to do a treadmill with bearded client crashing out during his session. For some comic relief, added a carrot and stick…I mean burger and stick to motivate him.


Muay Thai Cake October 18, 2010

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To date this is the most fun and unique design request I’ve had. The birthday girl is a “Muay Thai Championship Fighter” who was turning 21. I hear  she’s got abs so if you look closely you might be able to spot it on the figurine. Everything is made from edible flowerpaste except the ring-side ropes which are made from braided string.  Added a flame pattern on the board to tie in more to the Muay Thai look. On the figurines arms are the Muay Thai Prajioud.

Spot her abs?


LeAnne’s Tennis Cake September 9, 2010

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Made this cake for my niece LeAnne who is a keen tennis player. Her favourite players are Zheng Sai Sai and Chantel Skamlova. Here she is on the cake just hanging out with her favourite players.


Tennis Cake August 31, 2010

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My first attempt at making a tennis cake. Apart from the main racket cake, the tennis balls are also edible. They are made from rice krispies and marshmallows.

I’m not a very ‘sporty” person so this is as far as my “sporting” involvement goes.